• Rob Greene

6 Reasons Why a Bridal Session is Absolutely For You

We get asked by brides all the time about whether or not they should add a bridal session to their wedding coverage. The answer? ABSOLUTELY! Here are 6 reasons why... and if you're particularly sentimental, reason #6 is a can't-miss moment!

(1) It's a Great Trial Run for Your Big Day.

From moving around in your dress and shoes, to testing out how long it takes to get your hair and make up just right, to learning just how heavy your bouquet really is when you're carrying it around for a while, scheduling a bridal session leading up to your wedding can be a great trial run... and that often equates to a more stress-free Wedding Day!

(2) It Gives You Something to Display at Your Reception

You spent a lot of money on that gorgeous dress... take every chance you can get to show that beauty off! By scheduling a bridal session prior to your wedding, you'll have time to order a gorgeous canvas or two of you looking radiant in your dress. That way, your guests can "ooh" and "ahh" over how stunning you look on Wedding Day, even when they're not right next to you. And this frees YOU up to move around more freely during the reception, visiting with friends and family, and dancing the night away!

(3) It Gives Your Dress Alterations a Deadline

Worried about getting your dress back in time? By scheduling a bridal session, you give the company handling the alterations an earlier deadline to aim for! These businesses LOVE to help with this when they know you've scheduled a bridal session, so do yourself a favor and get your dress back with plenty of time to spare!

(4) It Gives You More Control Over Location

Do you love your wedding venue, but not the spaces available for bridal photos? Will your dream space at your venue be too crowded with preparations on Wedding Day to get the shots you want? Does your venue only allow you in to the space a limited amount of time before the ceremony? With a bridal session scheduled prior to your wedding, these concerns go away! By going to your venue mid-day during the week, you'll have access to the entire space! This also makes it easier to choose a different location for your bridals if you prefer, like these gorgeous shots we captured at The Lumen Room in Fort Worth, TX.

(5) It Creates Time for More Photos on Wedding Day

Your Wedding Day will be jam packed full of amazing photo ops. With so many of those images only available to capture on Wedding Day, setting aside the time you want for your bridal images can be a challenge. Why not create as much time as possible for all the shots you want? Bridal images are one of the easiest photo ops to move out of the Wedding Day timeline, creating space and time for all the other shots you want from your Big Day!

(6) It's a REALLY Sweet Time with Mom!

Let's be real for a minute: your Wedding Day comes and goes SO quickly. You'll blink and it's over. With so many people to spend time with on Wedding Day, why risk missing quality time with the most important woman in your life! By scheduling a bridal session prior to your wedding, you give yourself a beautiful time to spend all dressed up with your mom (or if Mom's not in the picture, another significant lady in your life!), without the blazing fast pace of Wedding Day passing you by! We'll even snap a photo or two to commemorate the moment!


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