• Rob Greene

Jack + Hadley | Barnsley Resort Wedding

"I wouldn't want to be anywhere else right now," his uncle's rich, British timber offered. "If it was England, Australia, New Zealand...."

Just listening to this middle-aged Englishman speak about the "Couple of the Hour", you got the sense that it was more than just his accent drawing you in.

It was THEM.

The beautiful couple, seated so close to one another in their matching white outfits, you could hardly distinguish where one ended and the next began. On one side sat Hadley, the beaming bride-to-be, flashing her irresistible smile one moment, and choking back tears the next. Cozied up next to her was Jack, his trademark laugh filling the air, but his eyes locked in on his bride with tremendous purpose as the sun set on the Barnsley Resort... it was time to marry the angelic beauty beside him.

There's something truly amazing about a British / American wedding. Family had literally gathered from all over the world to celebrate these two. And if you've ever spent even a few moments with Jack and Hadley, you know exactly why: these two are absolutely magnetizing people to be around.

I'll never forget the first text message I received from Hadley, just moments after they'd booked us to shoot their wedding film:

"Thank you so so much!!! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you! Such a blessing."

I was taken aback by this. "Thank you?!" That was MY text to send... I should have been thanking HER for choosing US. Yet here was Hadley, thanking ME instead. As I would learn over the course of their engagement, this character quality is at the core of this couple's heart: they are some of the most appreciative, encouraging people you'll ever meet. And I'll tell you what... when you get to serve couples like these two, it makes you want to climb a mountain to make sure they have the most amazing experience imaginable.

Jack and Hadley, thank you for entrusting us with your big day. We hope this wedding film is a constant reminder to you both of the magnetizing, mesmerizing love you guys have for one another, and for the friends and family who came from every corner of the earth to celebrate you as you begin your forever together! We love you guys!!!


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