• Rob Greene

Roses Are Red | Piazza in the Village

"This is my promise to you. I will always take care of you. I will always keep you safe. I will always keep you smiling. 'Cause I love to see you smile."

His voice was shaking. His lips trembling as he spoke. His love for the woman standing across from him was palpable. This was his soulmate. His bride. His wife. Any attempt to contain the weight and depth of emotion he was carrying inside of him would have been pointless, so he let the tears fall as he shared his vows.

Mark Grano was madly in love with this woman, and he didn't care who knew it.

Neither did the hundreds of wet eyes witnessing this sacred moment from the pews in front of them.

Across from Mark stood his beautiful bride, Siera, the details of her layered dress twinkling from the romantic glow of the Piazza lighting. She, too, could barely contain herself as she shared her vows with her groom. Their road to get to this point had not been easy, but they had walked it together. Her gaze was locked on him. In her eyes was certainty. Passion. Unshakable love for her husband.

I remember the night I met Mark and Siera. We were at The Big Fake Wedding in Dallas, and they recognized one of our photographers, Chris, so they stopped by to chat with us about our services.

They booked us before they left that night. In all aspects of life, these two demonstrate an eagerness to commit fully when they know what they want. And over the past year and a half, it has been a joy to get to know them over dinners and car rides, gain a sneak peek in to their love story, and see just how passionately these two love and are committed to one another!

Like the grade school love poem we all recited as kids, red roses adorned every detail of this wedding. From the bride's bouquet, to the stunning 4-foot-tall bridal cake tower, to the shower of petals that rained down on Mark and Siera as they exited, they served as a bold and beautiful reminder of their love.

Mark and Siera, you two are gems. I love how beautifully y'all fit with one another. Your up-for-anything attitude and sense of adventure makes you a joy to be around. Your desire to go after anything you do with everything you have is inspiring. And your flexibility when plans change, the A/C goes out, or orchestral concerts get scheduled right in the middle of your bridal session (haha!), reminds us all of a very simple truth:

In the end, love is what matters most.

I'm so excited to see the adventures your love takes you on in the years ahead! Enjoy your life as newlyweds!

The Vendor Team:

📸: Square 8 Studio

🎥: Square 8 Studio

💒: Piazza in the Village

📋: Debbie Lovera for Piazza in the Village

💐: Out of the Garden

🔊: DJ Michael Blake

💄: Chic Occasion

🎂: Moonlight Cakes

✒️: Valerie Rivas


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