• Rob Greene

Happy Square 8 Day! Here's how we got our name!

Hi! In case we haven't met yet, my name is Rob Greene. I'm the owner of Square 8. One of the questions I get asked all the time is, "Why the name Square 8? What does it mean?" It's one of my favorite questions to answer, because it explains a lot about me, and about our company, and why we do what we do!

I grew up in Marietta, GA, about half an hour north of Atlanta. I've got 1 sister, Jill, and 2 amazing parents, Beverly and Steve, who just recently celebrated their 46th anniversary!!! Growing up in our family was awesome. Mom and Dad always made sure we knew we were loved and supported growing up. They genuinely wanted our days as kids to be special.

That was never more evident than on birthdays.

Birthdays in my family were always special days. I'll never forget the year my parents converted our entire garage into a jungle so my friends and I could have a scavenger hunt... it was magical. Or the way Dad made sure Mom, whose birthday is just a couple days after Christmas each year, always felt loved and celebrated, not just lost in the shuffle of the Holiday season. But the birthday that stands out the most was my Dad's birthday when I was in 4th or 5th grade.​

Dad wouldn't let us buy him presents that year. We all hated it, and we fought him on it, but it was his birthday, and he insisted. All we knew was we were supposed to meet him for dinner after he got off work.

As an elementary school kid, this all felt kinda lame. What's a birthday without presents? But when Dad got to dinner, something truly magical happened that shaped my life forever. One by one, by dad pulled out wrapped gifts and handed them to my Mom, my sister and I. On HIS birthday. As we opened them, they were all gifts that were things he'd been taking note of in our time with him, and knew would be significant to us to receive.

I thought this moment was pretty cool at age 9 or 10. Now I see it was formative.

It taught me two critical lessons:

(1) People matter.

(2) Giving is better than receiving.

What does this have to do with Square 8 Studio? This week I celebrate my birthday. August 8... or 8/8... or 8-squared. The name is a tip of the hat to my awesome parents, for making every birthday special in our family growing up. And it's a reminder for me that we are not in the photography or videography or design business. We are in the people business. People matter. Their stories matter. Their hearts matter. That's why we use a portion of every paid shoot we do to provide free and discounted photography to people and organizations who are making a difference around the globe... like this amazing couple!

This year, I wanted to continue my dad's legacy of generosity in a fun new way... for Square 8 Day - my birthday - I'm giving away 8 – yes, EIGHT!!! – photo shoots!!!

On August 8th at 8:08am Eastern Time, I will be launching the giveaway on our Instagram page. We'll be announcing the winners are at 8:08pm Eastern!


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