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A Lifetime of Romantic Adventure | Hidden Pines Chapel

I've never met a couple quite like Jake and Brianna. These two lovers are deeply passionate, wildly adventurous, and never. stop. traveling. #Jealous

I met Brianna when she was in the bridal party for her friends Staci and Garrett's wedding last January, and knew from the moment we met that she would be an absolutely AMAZING bride to work with (she had this amazing gift of being the type A personality that could get everyone to be in the right place at the right time, but somehow managing to do it with sparkle in her eye and a ton of laughter!). Then, when I watched her and her then-recently-turned-fiance Jake TEARING UP the dance floor, I knew I HAD to find a way shoot their wedding.

Thankfully, Brianna liked Staci and Garrett's photos, and reached out to us to capture photo AND video for her and Jake's Big Day!

​ Over the past two years, we'd been waiting eagerly for June 9, 2018. The more time we spent with Jake and Brianna, whether wandering around Dallas for their engagement session, or on our countless phone calls to plan and prepare (organized brides are our FAVORITE!), the love these two share for each other was increasingly evident. And speaking of planning, Brianna's mom, Heike, was her wedding planner (on top of all her mother-of-the-bride duties!), and it was one of the most immaculately planned out weddings to the detail that we've ever shot... Brianna comes by her attention to detail honestly!

(((Side Note: if I'm being honest, I also really enjoy living vicariously through the 5291826 vacations they seem to find time to take - their honeymoon lasted almost a month! I'm secretly hoping they'll just let me be their personal travel photographer and take me all these cool places with them when they go!)))

As Jake and Brianna's date got closer, I realized how much I'd come to love and appreciate this couple over 2 years of journeying together. I wanted to do something special for them to say "thank you," so I called them a couple months before their wedding to ask if they'd like to be our first ever couple to receive our new "Red Carpet Reveal". We literally rented out a movie theater for Jake and Brianna and their families tonight so they could enjoy a private screening of their photos and wedding film!

Hope you enjoy their wedding film (top of page) and photos (below)... be sure and check out the awesome vendor team that made this possible!

The Vendor Team: 📸: Square 8 Studio 🎥: Square 8 Studio 💒: Hidden Pines - Highland Village 📋: Mother of the Bride - Heike Cullum 💐: Mother of the Bride - Heike Cullum 🔊: Harmland Visions, LLC 💄: Sarah Johnson 🎂: The Flour Shop Bakery


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