• Rob Greene

Caleb+Elexus | Fort Worth Couple Session

"I told my mom my 3 criteria (for a girlfriend) were somebody who (1) loves Jesus, (2) hunts, and (3) fishes."

When laying out these qualities for his mom last year, Caleb had no idea that a girl named Elexus would be starting an internship with his mom's organization the next day.

Elexus loves Jesus.

And hunts.

And and fishes.

That was last summer. And while both are from Oregon, Elexus attends school at TCU here in Fort Worth, and Caleb attends school up in New York, meaning for the better part of the past year, they've been navigating the ups and downs of a long distance relationship.

With Valentine's Day last week, Caleb wasn't about to let a little distance keep he and his dream girl apart!

As if flying in to Fort Worth this past Friday to surprise Elexus wasn't enough already, Caleb had also another lined up another surprise in the middle of a non-stop romantic weekend together– a special photo session with us!

Check out a few of our favs from this precious couple! And leave a comment below to tell Caleb what a great job he did!


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