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Meet Our BlessABride Winners

I barely know Eduardo and Jasmine.

I already love them.

Jasmine applied at the 11th hour for our #BlessABride campaign – where we give away all 3 of our services – Wedding Photography, Wedding Videography, and Wedding Invitation Design for free. As with all of our amazing applicants, she shared her and Eduardo's love story, along with why they would be blessed to win our grand prize. And, as with so many of our applicants, our hearts were moved as we read their story.

There was only one tiny problem: of all the couples that applied, Jasmine and Eduardo were the only ones who weren't engaged yet. "I know that this could disqualify us from the contest," Jasmine wrote, "and if so that's totally fine."

It didn't.

I was intrigued by both their story AND their situation, so I reached out to Eduardo to find out when just how close he was to popping the question. Not only did he go on and on about how excited he was to propose to the love of his life, the next day he sent me this picture and text:

Two things stood out to me in my conversations with these two: their unwavering love for one another, and their unwavering faith in God to provide, no matter the circumstances. After much prayer and consideration, I called Eduardo (NOT Jasmine, since that might tip her off about the proposal) to let him know that not only would they be our winners, but I would be in town on the date he'd decided to propose, and would love to include shooting their proposal for free as part of their #BlessABride package!

Once we'd selected our winner, we went ahead and notified all our other amazing applicants that they had not won, offering up an additional $15,000+ in discounts amongst all the applicants, and also allowing them to begin looking for other vendors if necessary. Of course, I love a good caper (as evidenced in our previous proposal story), and I could sense a magical moment was brewing... so I decided to help Eduardo keep everything a surprise by sending Jasmine an email too. In it, I informed her she was not a finalist (which she wasn't... she was our Grand Prize Winner! 😂). Eduardo sent me a screen shot to assure me she'd fallen for our shenanigans hook, line and sinker:

Since Eduardo wanted to propose to his bride-to-be the day after Thanksgiving, I flew in to Atlanta just before the holiday, so that he and I could head over to the Roswell Mill to plot everything out for his magic moment. We found the perfect proposal spot for him in front of a majestic waterfall, and the perfect hiding spot for me, just out out of their sight but perfectly positioned to capture the moment.

Today's weather was perfect, and Eduardo's plan executed to perfection. All of our videographers were out of town for Thanksgiving, but check out this iPhone video of Eduardo's proposal, along with our photos of the engagement!



Afterward, these two were so excited they insisted on driving me back to my hotel (I had Uber'd over)... and as I got in the car with them, the first thing I noticed was this message hanging from the mirror, which perfectly summed up the way I've already witnessed these two living their lives by faith:

What a great message: with God all things ARE possible! Stay tuned for much, much more from this beautiful couple in the days and month's ahead! We can't wait to share their full story with you!


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