• Rob Greene

The Beauty of a First Touch

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Many brides and grooms still love the timeless tradition of waiting til the bride is walking down the aisle for their eyes to meet for the first time on wedding day. Is that you? If so, today I want to share one of my favorite photo ops for brides just like you!

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Some brides love the idea of a First LOOK, while others prefer to wait til the ceremony. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, and for the brides who prefer to wait, the First TOUCH is the ideal solution!

Here are 3 reasons to consider adding a First Touch to your Wedding Day:

(1) It Calms Your Nerves

I wish I had a nickel for every bride and groom that came back to us after their wedding and said "I was SO NERVOUS on wedding day... UNTIL the First Look. Once I held his/her hand and heard his/her voice, I went from a nervous wreck to confident and ready to say I Do!"

(2) A Quiet Moment... Together

You've probably heard from your friends that have gotten married that your wedding day will be a blur. They're right. Scheduling a First Touch allows you and your love to have a quiet moment to talk together, laugh together, and pray together before the craziness of the day hits full throttle.

(3) The Images are Precious

So much beauty. So much anticipation. A First Touch moment is guaranteed to create memories for your wedding gallery that you're going to love.

The First Touch... a perfect solution for the bride who wants to hold to tradition and not be seen by the groom on wedding day until she's walking down the aisle. I hope you'll to consider adding it for YOUR wedding!


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