• Rob Greene

A #BlessABride Story

From the beginning our desire has been to leverage our creativity to impact eternity. Part of how we do that is by using a portion of our providing free and discounted creative services to people who are making a difference in the world. Up until this past spring, that meant designing a logo or taking a family photo for missionaries here and there.

All of which is AWESOME.


We knew we could do more.

In early 2017, while talking with bride-to-be Jennifer Sheehan, the opportunity to "do more" first presented itself. Having set an original wedding date of October 2016, Jennifer and her then-fiancé, Jonathan, made the difficult decision to push "pause" on their plans, just a few weeks from their wedding date. After much prayer, counsel, healing, and time spent in the trenches together fighting for their relationship, the couple knew it was time to proceed with their wedding plans. But how could they afford a wedding film to tell their beautiful story after all the money lost in the process of rescheduling a wedding? "Once we decided to get married in April, we knew that God had done something miraculous and we wanted to share our story. But, with the money we lost for cancelling in the fall, it just didnt seem feasible." Jennifer shared.

That's when Square 8 Studio stepped in, offering to tell Jennifer and Jonathan's miraculous love story... for free.

"(I was) shocked!!" Jennifer exclaimed. "It was a hard to grasp a gift like that... and it was so overwhelming to think about the generosity and kindness so many people, especially Square 8, were willing to show to make sure that this miracle of a day could happen and we could share it with others."

This video still gives us all the feels!

Even still... we knew we could do more.

That's why we're offering the #BlessABride Giveaway. The Photo, Video, and Invitation Design services received would normally value over $5000... roughly 20% of the cost of the average wedding cost we outlined in Wednesday's post. But for the couple who receives this prize, their cost for these services will be $0.

We invite brides getting married (or willing to shift their date to get married) between March 2018 and December 2018 to click the link below, and share with us you and your fiancé's story, along with why you would be blessed by this giveaway.

Know someone who you think is deserving? We invite friends and family of brides to click the link below, and share your friends' story on their behalf, along with why you believe they would be blessed by this giveaway.

The contest runs through October 31, with the winner notified by Thanksgiving Day.

So what are you waiting for? Send in your story... we can't wait to read it! And who knows... maybe this Thanksgiving, you'll have a blessing from Square 8 Studio to be thankful for!

Click to #BlessABride


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