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Andrew + Charis | Atlanta, GA Wedding Photography

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Weddings are special. They are holy moments...the union of two souls coming together. That's why we don't think of ourselves as being in the photography or videography business... we are in the PEOPLE business. As a photographer, weddings are a beautiful intersection with two young lovers in one of the most significant moments in the lives, as they enter in to the promise of forever together. You get to hear the breathtaking story of how they met and fell in love. You get to walk alongside them through the joys and stresses that come with the engagement season. And when everything comes to a glorious crescendo on wedding day, you get to be there to capture the wonder and beauty of the moment in a way they can hold on to for a lifetime, passing down to the generations that come behind them.

Andrew and Charis are a perfect example of this. From the moment I first spoke with them, months before their Big Day, you could tell there was something different about this couple. Something precious. You could see it in the way they looked at each other. In the way they spoke to each other. So innocent. So tender and compassionate.

It all clicked for me at their Rehearsal. I was capturing a few test shots of the couple before things got started, and asked Andrew to give his bride-to-be a kiss on her forehead.

He looked at me.


Subtly shook his head to say "no".

"Y'all..." I jumped in. "Is tomorrow gonna be your first kiss?"

They both smiled back at me, beaming, and nodded.

"Many years before I met Charis I made a decision that I would not kiss any girl until the day of my 'you-may-kiss-the-bride' moment. Over time, I shared that with several different people as it would simply come up in conversation. Some thought, how cool is that? Some looked at me as if I were crazy and gave me a smile, as if they were saying on the inside, you’ve got to be kidding me, you’ll never last and that’s dumb anyway, Andrew told me. And while he knew it wouldn't be wrong to kiss Charis while they are dating, they decided to keep special things special. "Charis and I’s relationship is founded upon God’s word and his grace for each of us, so it was not my concern to try things out before marriage... when you take the focus off the physical and put it on what’s eternal, it gives you an unshakeable confidence in the choice you made!" I'll be honest... I'm not sure I could do it. But I have a ton of respect for these two for following their convictions, and I'm absolutely sure about the way they look at each other, and love each other. It was rare... beautiful... special. The kind of love every couple dreams of sharing over a lifetime together. And I have to believe their life together will be extra special as a result!

The whole day was perfect, as you'll see in the images below (and the video at the top of this post!). With friends and family all around, these newlyweds laughed the night away...

they held each other close...

they danced...

...and they kissed.

The Square 8 Team

Photography: Rob, Zach

Cinematography: Jacob

The Vendor Team

Coordinator: Barbara Weaver, Bullock Springs Manor

Venue: Bullock Springs Manor

Florals: Kimberly Evans, FullyAlive Floral

Music: Maegan Sparks & Mary-Michael McCathren

Band: The Tuten Brothers

Hair+Makeup: Kylee Howard

Cake: Cakehouse on Main

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