• Rob Greene

Heather + Garrett | California Wedding

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Last summer, we had the opportunity to capture a sky-high proposal, as Heather said yes to Garrett at Wolfgang Puck's iconic five sixty restaurant along the Dallas skyline. Imagine our delight when these two young lovers followed up with us a few months later, offering to fly out a 3-member Square 8 team to capture photo and video of their Big Day!

The thing that instantly impressed us with Heather and Garrett is how deep their roots run with their friends and family. These 2 love their people well! Having met in grade school, they have a long rich history together... full of both the fun memories, and tender moments too! The beautiful couple and all "their people" welcomed us in like family from the moment we arrived in Cali.

The entire trip was full of beauty – from the scenic landscapes, to the sweet smell of orange blossoms that permeated the streets of Exeter, to Garrett and Heather's heartfelt love for each other. But no moment summed up our time in California better than the night before the wedding, when we pulled up to Garrett's parents' house for the rehearsal dinner.

Set amongst a gorgeous back drop of hills and mountains for as far as the eye can see, their home made the perfect scene for a picturesque sunset shoot that looked like something straight out of a movie! We had arrived at the perfect window, where the light kissed off the ground just right to create a moment none of us will soon forget!

The Square 8 Team

Photography: Rob Greene, Chris Horn

Cinematography: Jacob Steed

The Vendor Team

Coordinator: Marla Gray

Photography: Yellowbird Visuals

Florals: Petals & Presents

DJ: Mike O'Neil's Dance Machine

Hair + Makeup: Freddy Solis


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