• Rob Greene

Lee + Alyssa | Cocoa Beach, FL Wedding

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

This past weekend, we flew to Cocoa Beach, Florida for to capture the gorgeous waterside wedding of Alyssa + Lee. The weather was perfect, the colors were bright, and the night was classy from start to finish. Here are a few Sneak Peeks from their day... we'll be back with a full post in a few weeks!

The bride's nieces sang beautifully at the reception!

Lee's children and nephew

Alyssa's mother getting a little smooch from her husband as the sun set!

Our happy couple sharing a first dance.

Towards the end of the night our bride and groom participated in the Horah, a Jewish tradition that involves getting hoisted up in chairs!

Even Alyssa's daughter, Jazzy, got in on the Horah!

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