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Garrett + Staci | Fort Worth, TX Wedding

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

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In recent years as photography has moved to the core of what we do here at Square 8, I find myself constantly blessed with the opportunity to shoot amazing people with amazing stories, I've decided it's time to start telling some of those stories here on this blog!

First up? Staci and Garrett. I met this amazing duo last spring when we did their engagement photos. Little did I know that the past year would be full of hilarious text messages, stressed out phone calls, and one of my favorite getting-to-know-you stories of any couple we've shot so far!

Staci and Garrett met in preschool - talk about love at first sight! Check out this photo from way-back-when...

Now, many years later, their love story took on a whole new level as they tied the knot this past January. It was clear these two are loved and respected by their friends (who we had a BLAST getting to know over wedding weekend) and surrounded by an incredible support system in their loving families (who, by the way, SERIOUSLY know how to throw a party!) Our favorite moment of the night had to be about 3 hours in to the reception, when the bride and groom were hoisted up in the air in chairs by the crowd as everyone danced to "Hava Nagila."

One of the joys of the wedding process for me is getting to know a couple over the entire journey. We start out as strangers, but by the time the bride and groom are driving off in to the night, I can't help but pump my fist and cheer them on as if I'd known them all my life.

Congrats Staci + Garrett... y'all are amazing!


Photography: Rob


Coordinator: Treasured Heart Events

Venue: The Historic 512

DJ: Michael Blake

Cakes: Dandelion Cheesecakes

Hair: Ada Lozano

Makeup: Hailey King

Videography: Video Armada

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