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Gathering around the television to watch old home movies was one of our favorite hobbies growing up. Getting the chance to see your family at their best and brightest is a special treat that keeps on giving to those you love. Imagine sitting with your grandchildren while watching your wedding video. How cool would that be? Whether you are looking for a professional Fort Worth wedding photographer or an engagement photographer Dallas, the team at Square 8 Studio has plenty to offer. Let's explore their service offerings and explore why Square 8 Studio is the right team to capture your most important memories.

When you walk down the aisle in your stunning gown, everyone in the room will have their eyes on you. Your special day is all about you and the love that you share with your growing family. To enjoy looking back on these special moments, you'll want the best wedding and engagement photographer Dallas has to offer, to capture them for you. Square 8 Studio offers extensive wedding photography and videography services that are geared toward creating a cinematic, romantic, and magical story starring YOU. What do you receive when you sign up for a shoot with the best Fort Worth wedding photographer around?

Square 8 Studio offers a world of services and benefits with all of their wedding and engagement photography packages. After your initial consultation, you will enjoy a deeply romantic and incredibly personal shoot that brings out the best in you and your loved ones. Your journey will start with an engagement photoshoot, included in every wedding package, and end with the Red Carpet Reveal just two weeks after your wedding. Rob Greene and the Square 8 Studio team bend over backward the entire time to ensure that you are taken care of and receiving only the best wedding photos that you could hope for!


Square 8 Studio is a full-service wedding photography and wedding videography company that serves Fort Worth, Dallas, and the surrounding area. For nothing but the best engagement photographer Dallas can provide you, give us a call today!

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