Your wedding day is going brilliantly. Details? Stunning. Getting ready photos? SO cute. Ceremony? Flawless. Bride and Groom photos? WOWWWZA.

But then the sun sets.

You head in to the reception.

Your gorgeous daylight?



Replaced by darkness.

It's time to pull out... your flash.

Panic sets in.

Confidence goes out the window.

You cross your fingers and pray.

But guess what?



What if you could have the same confidence about your RECEPTION photos that you have about the rest of your wedding day? 

What if your reception photos could look bright and airy too?

What if you could look set up your camera and flash with some basic settings as quickly and naturally as shooting manual when you're outside?

What if you actually LOOKED FORWARD to your receptions in 2020?

Let me tell you about Jayne and Shannon.​ When we sat down with them, they, like most people were a bit intimidated by the idea of shooting with flash. I asked them to take a photo of me using their flash, based on what they knew.


This was their pre-workshop photo:

Does this look familiar? Does it resurface all your worst fears about shooting with flash? Don't worry... JUST 4 HOURS LATER, I took Jayne and Shannon to a terribly-lit room with multiple surfaces - a real reception nightmare. I jumbled up ALL their camera AND flash settings, and gave them one shot each to take a great image... using MULTIPLE flashes... ON AND OFF camera.


This is what they each took:

This can be your story too!

2020 can be YOUR year to FINALLY get over your flash fears! 

In this live, hands-on workshop together, we will:

Build a philosophy of lighting from the ground up

Discover easy-to-remember camera settings that can always be your starting point when shooting with flash!

Conquer taking great images with just 1 flash - in ANY situation

Learn how to add additional flashes to your scene, and actually understand what each light is contributing to the shot.

Test everything you're learning in real time, so you know you can repeat it before you leave!

But you don't have to take my word it: here's a text message from 1 of our recent students, just 1 day after we met with her and her husband: 

The great news is, Jocelyn and Spencer's laughter and excitement can be YOUR laughter and excitement too! And because COVID-19 has moved us all indoors, for the FIRST TIME EVER, we're releasing this course in an ONLINE FORMAT!



*Earlybird Pricing of just $299 available from

8:28am on May 1 through 11:59pm on May 8.

[ c ] 678-557-8865        [ e ] rob@square8studio.com

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