Being a photography business owner can be lonely.  The endlessly long hours and late nights, pouring your heart and soul into your business, only to see minimal bookings and spotty engagement for your efforts. That's not just lonely... at times it's downright disheartening. That's why most of today's professional photographers only last a couple years before calling it quits.

At Square 8 Studio, we believe the road to photography success doesn't have to be a lonely highway... it can be a TEAM SPORT. And there's no better way to build your team than College Campus Reps!

If you think it's a simple as copying and pasting what you've learned about High School Senior Spokesmodel programs... you're in for a wild ride. All the rules of the game change at the collegiate level. This FREE 5-Day Mini Course is designed to help you jumpstart your first successful College Campus Rep team THIS YEAR, and give your College + Sorority Photography Business the boost it deserves!

Enroll for FREE! Starts July 18!

"Heart for Helping Others"

After working with Rob for over a year as his business coach, I can confidently say that Rob's heart for his students and quality of his content are truly next level. His genuine heart for helping others, attention to detail and deep-rooted desire to elevate other photographers is admirable.


Photographer, Educator

"Never Thought it was Possible!"

I never thought about tapping into the college market. I never thought it was possible to do more besides the occasional Senior graduating wanting photos. Now, I have a solid foundation on how to tap into the college market and what college seniors are looking for... I have started to get my foot in the door with sororities and they are excited for my work!